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Trip To Koh Rong 2020

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Sihanouk: Koh Rong is one of the beautiful islands and second largest island in the Sihanoukville Province of Cambodia. It’s known for its sandy coves and coral reefs, like those around Koh Rong. Inland, the dense jungle terrain is dotted with coconut palms and waterfalls.

It’s about 25 km (16 mi) off the coast in the Gulf of Thailand, the island has an area of approximately 78km and 43km of its entire coastline of 61km are beaches. Four village communities exist on the island: Koh Tuich, Doeum D’keuw, Prek Svay and Sok San. In recent years the island has become home to an increasing but still moderate number of foreign-run guesthouses and bungalow resorts. As the island’s South-Eastern tip around Koh Tuich Village is the point of arrival it has developed into the island’s largest settlement center. In absence of even the most basic infrastructure, transport by boat is required to all settlements and holiday resorts, which are scattered over the many beaches. The hills provide water for countless creeks and estuaries.

The center of the island is a flat “belt” of sediments that joins the two hilly massifs of the south-east and north-west. Here is a small savanna—the result of human activities and cultivation. Although most of the island’s surface is still covered in forest. Huge, old and slow-growing hardwood trees have become rare, the original arboreal variety is vanishing and gradually being replaced by commercial mono cultures, such as coco and oil palms, in particular along the coast and in the lowlands.

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