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Mondulkiri: The Rain Forest of Jade Green

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Mondulkiri Province (ខេត្តមណ្ឌលគិរី), the original wild east, is a world apart from the lowlands with not a rice paddy or palm tree in sight.

Mondulkiri means ‘Central of the Hills’, an apt sobriquet for a land of rolling hills. It is the most sparsely populated province in the country, with just four people per square kilometre. At an average elevation of 800m, it can get quite chilly at night, so bring something warm.

Home to the hardy Bunong people and their noble elephants, this upland area is a seductive mix of grassy hills, pine groves and rainforests of jade green. Wild animals, such as bears, leopards and especially elephants, are more numerous here than elsewhere, although sightings are usually limited to birds, monkeys and the occasional wild pig. Conservationists have established several superb ecotourism projects in the province, but are facing off against loggers, poachers, plantations and well-connected speculators.

On 03 June 2020, Areng Trekking Bike(ATB) team had traveled to the northeast povince of the Kingdom of Cambodia, Modulkiri to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains.

This northeast region is truly a conducive environment staying and relaxing, said Mr. Tea Sokha. We came here to experience the cycling trails on the beautiful green hills and the red dust trails. The cycling here is not just for sport, but for health and contributing our activities to promote the ecotourism in Modulkiri as well.

Mr. Tea Vichet, well known as a generous and good heart tycoon, said that even though there some difficulties due to trails and weather conditions for cycling and despite some fatigue but all team members reached the goal together. Our Slogan: we ride for health, friendship and humanity work.

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