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looking for an ecological adventure: Go to Chi Phat

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Chi Phat is located in the Southwestern part of the Cardamom Mountain range, Southeast Asia’s largest tract of contiguous rainforest. It’s situated amid stunning mountains, rivers, rain forests, wetlands and mangroves, and home to a vibrant and unique array of wildlife, it is an ideal destination for tourists looking for an ecological adventure.

Cardamom Mountains, Cambodia.

Areng Trekking Bike

Areng Trekking Bike team, led by Mr. Tea Sokha, on 30th June, 2020 experiencing the beauty scenery of the stunning mountains, and rain forests at Chi Phat, they trekked along the wetlands with their bike crossing rivers, up and down mountain through the muddy trails. Areng Trekking Bike mission: We ride for health, friendship and humanity work.

Chi Phat Community Based Ecotourism

Chi Phat Ecotourism Site was established in 2007 by an Environmental NGO called Wildlife Alliance. The Wildlife Alliance and the community are working together to preserve the environment while providing exciting and unique experiences for visitors. Villagers who once roamed the forest to deplete it of its environmental heritage are now employed as guides leading trekking, mountain-biking, camping, and river boat tours through the wilderness surrounding both communities. Over 200 kilometers of hiking trails meander through the jungle, leading to natural wonders in the rainforest, deserted waterfalls, campsites, and post-Angkorian burial jar sites.

Villagers also operate homestays, guest houses, motorbike taxi services, and restaurants, giving visitors further insight into rural life in Cambodia. CBET Committee members are elected to lead the management of the project and provided ongoing training as they perform bookings, arrange itineraries, do accounting, and oversee community ranger patrols. A community waste management system has also been developed – one of the first of its kind in Cambodia.

The Cambodian Government has recognized Wildlife Alliance’s project in Chi Phat as an exemplar for ecotourism in Cambodia. Increasingly, the international community is recognizing the Cardamoms as an ideal destination for ecotourism.

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Chi Phat is located in Koh Kong province, which is in the Southwest of Cambodia. To get to Chi Phat from Phnom Penh, we took a bus headed to Koh Kong along National Road No. 4 and got off at the Andong Teuk area some 30 km after crossing the Srae Ambil bridge. From there, we each took a motor taxi up the bumpy, half-paved commune road for a good 30 minutes before getting off at a small dock to cross the Piphot stream. We departed from Phnom Penh at 7:00 AM, and it was around 4:00 PM by the time we boarded a mini-ferry to reach the village.

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