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Ou Korkie Water Fall

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There is a universal enchanting quality about colossal waterfalls that attract people as local and international tourists. In rainy season Ou korkie waterfall is attracted many people with these powerful and majestic waterfalls when drive pass the site. This is due to the incredible variety in geography along Pichnil mountain range, in tandem with the sheer amount of water found within this tropical country.

Many of these areas contain numerous cascades, allowing you enjoy the beauty scenery of the nature or more grand waterfalls within a half-day. At the bottom of some of the falls, you’ll also find gorgeous bathing sites, and streamlines of the water flowing from the waterfall to the bottom of the mountain side as if you dare brave the chilly waters (Some aren’t too cold).

Moreover, it is a place to relax and refresh the feeling from busy working life in the city with the beauty scenery of the nature and waterfalls. There huts or places for picnic and eating as well.

As you drive within one hour and a half on the national #4 from Phnom Penh to Sihanouk Ville pass by Lok Yeay Mao, Phnom Pich Nil betweet PNR106 and PNR017 at the left hand side, you will see the the natural beauty of the ecuadorian waterfall ecotourism site has a natural green color during the rainy season organized by the ministry of environment of Cambodia.

The water fall located in Sixth village, Treng Tro Yoeung commune, Phnom Srouch district, Kampong Speu province.

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