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Phnom khnorng Psar “A Paradise of Nature”

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Phnom Khnorng Psar is “A Paradise of Nature” buried in a large mountain range located in Tang Bomong village, Tasal commune, Aral district, Kampong Speu province. It is a three-ways intersection that connected to three provinces, Kampong Speu, Koh Kong and Pursat.

Phnom Khnorng Psar is an area of dense forest, high mountains range, lush meadows and plenty of exotic wildlife. To get there we have to take the national road to Chbar Morn town at the Tela gas station then turn right then turn left to Oral mountain road (44th), it is about 50km to the roundabout and continue another 35km on trail, passing the water park and reach to the village of Bak Kang Jing, and the village of Phnom Khnorng Psar.

Early in the morning on the top of the mountain we see the beauty of Sunrise, with cool weather and the misty of clouds flying and in the evening we can watch the sunset from the hillside as well.

The scenic jungle is full of birds, and tourists who have hiked to the top of the mountain felt exhausted can absorb the cool wind and natural atmosphere at the summit. The breeze blows away and the clouds flying into the dense of the jungle made the tourists feel like dwelling in the Paradise of Nature.

In order to get to the top of Phnom Khnorng Psar, we have to go check in with Base Ecotourism Community, at the local environmental office and list down the names of the mountain hikers and ask them to accompany for protection, or hire community guide to lead and help carrying baggage and cooking. The trip from the village to the mountain takes two to four hours ride.

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Then hike on foot to the mountain, it takes four to five hours or can be seven hour to reach the summit depend on weather and trekking condition.

However talking about the hiking stages some tourists could not accomplish the trip and return back down and some challenged the struggle of hiking and they reached to the top.

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