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Te Teuk Pus: Hot springs to attract tourists

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The Hot Spring is located in front of Phnom Te in Phnom Te village, Sangke Sap commune, Oral district, about 60 kilometers west of the provincial town, Kompong Speu province. Hot springs are rare in Cambodia. It is 100 meters in diameter, the surface of the water, which comes from six sources and smells like sulfur or limestone, is 80 square meters. The water temperature is 70 degrees Celsius. 

The entire site covers 5 hectares and is full of tall grass, Kok (a kind of reed) and red rock. Local villagers, who are members of the Kuoy minority hill tribe, believe that the hot spring is effective for curing all kinds of illnesses and skin diseases, as well as sorcery. Washing one’s face with water from the spring is believed to bring good luck.

In an effort of create new travel destination, Cambodia’s Ministry of Tourism will develop a hot spring area in Kampong Speu province.
Tourism Minister Thong Khon ordered development of the area into a special attraction for the country and for the province.
He said tourism and provincial environment officials should work together to establish the hot spring area. “The hot spring area is a rare tourist attraction and has features that can attract international tourists from neighboring countries to visit the area” .

“After an inspection and study, an expert group from Japan found the hot spring of good quality for the treatment of various diseases and for skin care and beauty.”

The challenge is road and infrastructure linking Oral district to the area, which is difficult to get to, the ministry said.
Ho Vandy, the secretary-general of the Cambodia National Tourism Alliance, welcomed the hot spring idea, saying that if the ministry is taking serious action by cooperating with the private sector for its development, it will be good for the area.
“The hot spring development will attract more tourists, both local and international, and generate more income for local people and as well as the private sector,” Mr. Vandy said. “It can reduce poverty in the area.
“We should maintain some parts of the original area of hot spring for tourists to see.
“However, some parts of it have to be renovated like in other countries because the hot spring in Kampong Speu is so hot we have to  cool it down for tourists to soak in,” he said. 
“Inter-ministries should jointly give a helping hand to develop the area, as in infrastructure development,” Mr. Vandy said. 

(source: ministry of tourism)

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