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Areng Valley

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Visit the Cambodia’s most stunning terrains, Areng valley of the Cardamom mountain range and jungles and mangroves forest of Koh Kong. Areng Valley is not just one of Cambodia’s most important spots for biodiversity, with many species of rare or critically endangered species of wildlife such elephants, dragon fish, mountain crocodile. It is the most beautiful place abiding to the nature.

Travel into the valley makes visitors appreciate just how remote it is. From there, entering the valley consists of a steep 38-kilometre-long, mostly downhill on the laterite road from the provincial center, Koh Kong. It’s approximately 24km from Thmo Bang district.

Appropriately, most action revolved around the Areng River, whether following it via trails, swimming, kayaking, bathing or taking a break on its shores and fishing.

The river is shallow and impressively diverse. It transitions from clear sandy stretches to pebbled rapids and mossy patches strewn with trees. The waters teem with soft-shell turtles, Oriental Darter water birds, Kingfishers, and the endangered green and silver Asian arowana, or dragonfish an gibbons sound can be heard howling nearby trees in the jungles.

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