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Koh Trong a village of Pomelo fruits

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Koh Trong, Kratie province

The Koh Trong Community-based Ecotourism Site was established in 2008. Koh Trong is a beautiful and peaceful island. Even though some villagers are shy, plenty of children and adults will offer friendly smiles and “hellos” welcoming tourists to their island home.

Moreover it is a must to taste one of the unique and juicy pomelo fruits the island is famous for. Pomelo’s growing on Koh Trong Island have the most intense and delicious flavor in the whole country and are the most expensive ones.

Koh Trong is a gorgeous quiet island opposite the riverfront of Kratie Town in Kratie Province. It is a short ferry ride between town life and a slice of Cambodia’s rural ways. In the dry season the island is surrounded by large sandy beaches that call out to be lazed upon with a picnic after a dip in the Mekong River.

A 9 kilometers (6 miles) loop road around the island’s perimeter provides the perfect opportunity to explore the area by bike or horse cart. Visitors come across traditional villages, fruit orchards and rice fields while observing the daily rituals and routines of the traditional village life.

The ‘Reforestation Project’ gives you the chance to plant a tree in your name and help to enrich the flora of the island. Furthermore, rest at the Vietnamese pagoda and visit a floating village. Also it is possible to stop at one of the picnic huts spread along the river, experience the diversity of delicious Khmer food and stay overnight at a home-stay with local people in order to experience Cambodian culture firsthand.

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