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Koh Samseb, An Island For Refreshment

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Koh Samseb or it’s often called Koh Samseb Community Based Ecotourism is located in Koh Khnae and Puntachea Village, O Krieng Commune, Sambo District, Kratie province and far about ~95km away from Krong Kracheh Circle.

Koh Samseb is in the category of the island, and natural tourism site. Things to do, as well as the attractions of Koh Samseb for tourists such as camping, having picnic, viewing sunset, swimming, trekking, taking boat and more.

From Koh Samseb Community-Based Ecotourism: 

“NTFP-EP Cambodia and the Provincial Department of Tourism is proud to present the most scenery Mekong basin landscape of the Koh Samseb Community-Based Ecotourism in Kratie province. The wide water basin full of human-uninhabited and inhabited green islands rich of unthinkable lives such as water forests, giant fishes and endangered bird species is real bliss to see. Visiting the Koh Samseb will not only expose visitors to the most magnificent Mekong basin but provide them with opportunities to contribute to social development and conservation activities. Eco-tourism activities are managed by local community groups whose generated incomes are for their livelihood, and a portion of which will be dedicated to the protection of the basin biodiversity.   

What can you do in the Koh Samseb community?

  • Experiencing  homestay, in Khmer styled houses 
  • Camping on the Mekong white sand beach
  • Cycling to bird watching
  • Boat tour along the Mekong river with beautiful flooded forest and sunset view
  • Learning about the Indigenous culture 
  • Traditional Fishing
  • Winkle picking and hunting large edible cricket and cooking 
  • Forest Walk in the community forestry and on the Mekong Island
  • Bird watching: around 218 bird species, including endangered bird species 
  • Enjoying  the Mekong white sand beach and swimming in dry season (Nov-May) 
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Community Services

  • Community food
  • Community homestay
  • Camping 
  • Local tour guide
  • Boat and bicycle rental
  • Bird watching 
  • Plant your own tree

How to get to Koh Samseb CBET?

You can reach Koh Samseb CBET by car, motorbike and bicycle. It is about 95Km along the National road No. 7 from Kratie town to Stung Treng province and about 65Km from Stung Treng town to Kratie province.”

For the trip to the location of Koh Samseb, there is no walking but there is a crossing the river or taking a boat. For parking, tourists can park directly at the location.

For a relaxing seating area, Koh Samseb is not yet set up a seating area for tourists. Besides Koh Samseb has food ordering or food stations but for the canteen and restaurant are not exist.

For accommodation, Koh Samseb is not available yet such as bungalow, guesthouse, and hotel.

For the price of access to​​​​​​ Koh Samseb is free of charge. For more information, please contact: 090 44 33 22 / 010 257 200 or vannarith@ntfp.org / vannarithyahrd@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/kohsamsebcbet.

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