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Osvay Is A Mangove Forest Island

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O’svay CBET site was established in 2007 under the support from CEPA (Culture and Environment Preservation Association). Osvay can be characterized by its rich biodiversity starting from mangrove forests, Mekong Islands and river beaches to a variety of different bird species such as the Black Cormorant. Tourists can enjoy hiking through the forests and meeting friendly, local people.


Osvay is located in Stung Treng Province. Stung Treng Town can be reached by bus, minibus or taxi from Phnom Penh along National Road Number 6 and 7. It takes about 8 to 10 hours. From Stung Treng Town it takes one hour by speed boat or two to three hours by slow boat to get to Osvay.

Attractions and Activities

  • Hiking tours in the forest
  • Watching Mekong Irrawaddy Dolphins
  • Visiting the community forest and mangrove forest
  • Doing Trips along the river and lake
  • Getting to know plenty of Mekong river fishes
  • Experiencing the rural way of life along the river

CBT Products and services

CBT Products and services include both, homestays (with a maximum amount of five people per house) and a community lodge (with a maximum capacity of 10 to 15 people). The food is all organic and made by local people. There are trained local guides to show visitors around and also handicrafts produced by local people to be bought.


  • Accommodation: 3$/night per person
  • Food: 2.5$-3$ per meal
  • Guide: 5$/day
  • Short story performance: 10$
  • Guardian spirit festival: 25$
  • Parking fee: 3000 Riel per car/bus
  • Bicycle rental: 1$/day
  • Motorbike rental: 2.5$/day
  • Ox-cart rental: ` 2.5$-5$ *
  • Traditional dancing (Ram Vong): 15$
  • Dancing in a traditional performance: 10$
  • Hand tying for happiness ceremony: 15$
  • Transportation Services: Canoe 2$/day
  • small/big boat, speed boat 1.5 $ -2$ *
  • Kor Yun rental (truck with more than 10 people): 2.5$-5$
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Note: depends on the distance of attraction.

Contact address

Mr. Tek Vannara
Email: tek@cepa-cambodia.org.kh
Tel: (+855) 12 793 489
Website: www.cepa-cambodia.org

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