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Craft Peace Café (Banteay Prieb Production)

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Who we are

Everything for peace

Originally, Banteay Prieb (“Center of the Dove” in Khmer) is a vocational training center for Cambodians with physical disabilities wich was founded in Kandal Province in 1991 by Jesuit Refugee Service. Nowadays, about 120 students are involved in a professional training (such as agriculture, mechanics, electronics, sewing, shoe-making and sculpture). Together with a welcoming and cheerful community life, students can recover their self-confidence and their independence and thus, their human dignity and joie de vivre. 

Since 1999, Banteay Prieb has been extended to Banteay Prieb Production, that includes two handicraft workshops (textile and sculpture). These workshops aim at providing jobs for our own graduate, insuring them fair wages and good working conditions and allowing them to gain experience and become proud of their skills (high-quality handicraft).

In Banteay Prieb, we believe that, by giving our artisans a possibility to regain dignity and bring peace to their hearts, we can contribute to all efforts in creating a new peaceful Cambodian society.

What we do

Our workshops (sculpture and textile) employ graduates of Banteay Prieb, providing them with jobs, experience, and opportunities to express themselves through their work. We offer a large variety of fine Cambodian handicraft items.

Beautiful wooden sculptures (mainly traditional Cambodian and religious designs) are admired all over the country and around the world with orders being placed from as far as Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK. Besides, kromas, bags and our textile collection have become popular items for gifts and souvenirs.

What you can experience

Banteay Prieb Production is now running a café-shop (named Craft Peace Café) in Phnom Penh. It is a airy, cozy, classy and quiet place in Phnom Penh where you can enjoy a good selection of delicious smoothies, Cambodian coffee, pocket sandwiches, salads and pastries. It is also an inspiring place where we display and sell our products, made by the disabled artisans of Banteay Prieb Production. The whole shop can also be used as a great venue for photo exhibitions or other kinds of performances or show, movie screenings etc.

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You are more than welcome to visit! 

Craft Peace Café is open daily from 9am to 6pm (weekly closure on Monday). It is located in Boeng Keng Kang 1 area, in front of the entrance of Boeng Keng Kang High School (“Sala Boeng Keng Kang” in Khmer).

Craft Peace Café
No 14 Street 392, BKK1, Phnom Penh
Tel: 012 436 806
e-mail: craftpeacecafe.pp[at]gmail.com

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