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West Mebon

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Prasat West Mebon is located four kilometres (2.4miles) west of Angkor Thom. The south dyke of the West Baray, take a boat to the island in the center; walk to the east entrance of the temple. It was built in second half of the 11th century by Udayadityavarman II, probably dedicated to Visnu (Hindu), with following to Prasat Baphuon art style.


The West Mebon is situated at the center of an artificial lake on a circular island with a diameter of about 150 meters (492 feet).


The base for the temple was a square. A sandstone platform at the center is linked to a causeway of laterite and sandstone that leads to the east dyke. The West Mebon was originally surrounded by a square enclosure with three-square sandstone entry towers and a sanctuary on the East Side is reasonably intact. The sides of the towers are carved with lively animals set in small squares, a type of decoration found only at the Baphuon.

Tip: Walk along the shoreline and look back at the island to see heaps of stones from the collapsed areas.

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